September 25, 2016

Why were Indians forced to leave Guyana?

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me to respond to Rajendranauth R Singh’s letter of February 28, 2016 titled “He writes about the same thing in every letter every day” in reference to Dr Vishnu Bisram. If Dr Bisram writes on race in the context of Guyana politics, what makes him wrong to address others to whom he responds, and the others more right?  Are they justified by special rights or privileges?

In a given society, only the minus one per cent is targeted to make or break a given race or country.  Writers like Dr Bisram and the growing others are the reason why Indo Guyanese have some sort of political visibility and defence.

Mr Singh cares not about politics but he should explain why his Afro Guyanese friends are so visibly politically involved in the partisan 50th Brooklyn Independence committee led by People’s National Congress (PNC) partisan Rickford Burke.

Indian survivability and political pushback is obviously not in Mr Singh’s repertoire because he is already a conquered subject. What makes Mr Singh “Indian” is up to him to define.

Those Indians like Mr Singh and the self-hating Indians like Mr Freddie Kissoon, who are his admired heroes, most  adequately explain why we had the Wismar massacre of defenceless Indians and the mass exodus of some two hundred thousand Indians now living in North America. Are Mr Singh and family proud exiles in their new Diaspora or would they have preferred to remain safe and secure in their own country?  Did Mr Singh ever ask his parents why he and his siblings were  taken to  New York?  Had Mr Singh involved himself in anything Indo-Guyanese in Queens or elsewhere, Mr Singh views probably would be different towards Dr Bisram.

Mr Singh is invited, please take the time, to understand how the political evolution in Guyana kept Indo-Guyanese out of the political mainstreams by institutionalisation of racism by the PNC Government, giving rise to the Birams of the Caribbean.

Such cotton candy approach to “one love” will not cut it if Mr Singh is inclined to wake up and smell the curry. Rights come by political might; that is why he is now enjoying the fruits of “freedom” in the USA; a right not luxury that many Singhs did not have in PNC Guyana. Compatriot. May Shiva be with you and with all political Guyanese!

Vassan Ramracha

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