September 26, 2016

Ramharack should return home to demolish Jagan’s legacy which frightens him

Dear Editor,
Praise to God Almighty that Dr Baytoram Ramharack, who now lives in New York can feel totally liberated from the clutches of the Jaganauts who he believes ruined Guyana.

In two of his recent letters in the press titled “Jagan’s legacy contributed to ourcurrent politically dysfunctional society” and “We need a comprehensive CoI which covers the PNC and PPP years.” So what is Dr Ramharack’s illustrious contributory alternative to Jagan’s mountain top legacy? Jumping from the current meaty Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI) report, the expatriate Dr Ramharack cannot wait to add some more pooknee (blow torch) fire power to his battering of the Jagan edifice.

Dr Ramharack’s profound unwisdom is his preference to sell sea shells from an offsite New York seashores when Guyanese rice and sugar workers are in a bitter fight for their lives. What matters not at all is the dire plight of those whose economic, racial and family survival are under siege now they are again being ‘Ramharacked’ to pieces after Rodney’s Working People’s Alliance and Moses’ Alliance For Change gave emancipated empowerment to  the People’s National Congress (PNC) to destroy poor people.

Why does the PNC elimination of Wales sugar estate and refocusing away from the damning Rodney CoI report gets Dr Ramharack’s priority treatment?  Why are these issues of lesser importance? Something is loose somewhere. Get with the programme brother man. Your harmonium is out of tune with Guyanese reality. Cease using your drumsticks to become a basooree (woodwind flute) of Pied Piper irrelevance in a time when the Jagans who have always been champions of the workers are greatly missed and lamented for not being alive. You create unnecessary diversions most inopportune.

Dr Jagan was no dictator who starved Guyanese, drove them away from Guyana by the thousands or curtailed their press freedom. He rigged no election nor did he execute his enemies or subjected Guyana to a reign of prolonged political terror.

Under Jagan’s 1960’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government, Guyana was the breadbasket of the Caribbean, with the best educational system and with the highest standard of living in the Caribbean.

Yes a million times yes to the truth that Guyanese flocked to Jagan’s 1947 Political Affairs Committee, which became the PPP in 1950. They also similarly embraced Rodney with gusto. Every colour, race, religion the educated and not so educated, countryside and capital inhabitants were gathered together under one banner to free Guyana from the British and the PNC.  What was wrong with that? Give me a break brother man.

Jagan is dead and gone.  He did not divide Guyana by race or by hook or crook. Up to now Dr Ramharack is clueless who did? Dr Ramharack proudly sanctifies  Mr Eusi Kwayana as an “elder statesman” when the exiled Buxtonian ceaselessly battered  the Jagans  and the PPP  as being pro Indian; at every tack and turn he did so. Mr Kwayana historically still does continue his course and Dr Ramharack’s letter must have given much comfort to him.

When Dr Ramharack pursues his pleasure in beating up the dead Jagans as being Don Quixote class conscious Communist rabble rousers, he reveals his own prejudices. Whose designs he serves can be measured by whom he best smears. Why is the racist Mr Kwayana his sanctified “elder statesman” idol who gets away scot-free, while Dr Rodney is held up as a Pan Africanist like he is some wolf in sheep’s clothing which he is duty bound to expose?

Dr Ramharack is overdue to take a political bath. He ought to pull up his socks, sit up straight and take note. Mr Kwayana is the cattle prod which still lives to keep Guyana races polarised. Either Dr Ramharack is of similar views that Indians must go their own way or he is not. In the meantime, stop the flip-flopping or step out the arena. This is no time for confusion and disarray.

All Guyanese are not a bunch of fools who embraced Jagan’s prolonged nonsense as you seem to think and so earnestly believe. While Dr Ramharack ran away to America, the Jagans stayed in mosquito-infested Guyana to build it for everyone, if gentle reminder can be offered and accepted. How exceptionally liberated are those who have been fortunate to have charted, by their own wisdom a separate happiness.

Dr Ramharack’s educated presence in Guyana would make a big difference had he chosen to remain with us in Guyana. For the Jagan edifice to be demolished, one needs to be domiciled in Guyana. What difference would it make anyway? So when can we expect Dr Ramharack to return home to muddy Guyana?

Sultan Mohamed

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