September 27, 2016

Marlyn Kennedy to leave “no stone unturned” in elections bid

– pledges to fix Ruimveldt Industrial Estate roads

Marlyn Kennedy, a People’s Progressive Party/Civic candidate in the upcoming Local

Marlyn Kennedy

Marlyn Kennedy

Government Elections is of the view that her experience and advocacy in community development qualifies her to adequately represent the needs of constituents in her area. She is a candidate for Constituency Fourteen, which covers South Ruimveldt Park/Ruimveldt Industrial Estate.
Kennedy informed Guyana Times that she has served as Secretary on the Rasville Roxanne Burnham Gardens Community Council Board and has over the years worked with key stakeholders to ensure that residents live a better quality of life. Some of the achievements she noted were the improvement of water systems, telephones, roads being built and attempts towards residents getting land titles.
Under the theme “Lets Develop Our Community,” the candidate promised that constituents can expect “a return to progressive ideas.” Among her many objectives, Kennedy hopes to ensure “a clean environment, recreational facilities for youths and permanent maintenance of drains, establishing a village office, three-month amnesty for delinquent tax payers, more social programmes for the youths, including a community centre for “Skills Training.”
The candidate also hopes to ensure that there is better accountability at City Hall for taxes and posited that she strongly advocate that there is no increase in rates and taxes and to ensure that there is permanent road maintenance. One of the many roads she pledged to fix was that in Ruimveldt Industrial Estate, which is currently potholed.
She noted that to advance her causes, she would actively engage City Council to ensure that road rehabilitation works and the many other needs of constituents get addressed.
“Should I become a Councillor in City Hall, we would have to put propositions on the concerns of the residents to the bargaining table so we all would come together as Councilors to address [their] needs [so] that we can come to an amicable decision to make better roads,” Kennedy explained.
“Whatever is the mandate, whatever are the decisions taken at the board, I would work along [and] not leave no stone unturned; for the sake of the residents, I would do my best to let them hear me and hear the cry of the residents.”
The candidate related that as a Councillor, she would address the issue of flooding, especially in South Ruimveldt Gardens.
“We will have to discuss that with the residents, get to understand the basic needs with the drains that are clogging… you would then take it to the Council and let them and then [Council] could implement [systems] to rid the community of flooding,” Kennedy explained.
The PPP/C candidate opined that because she is mature, concerned, and dedicated, socially active and community conscious; residents should support her bid to become their constituent representative.
“I think that they should support me because I have been a longstanding leader in the community, I worked with the masses and I have shown progress in many ways in whatever enhancements came to the community and the residents know me as a person of integrity. I am community conscious and aware of [their] needs,” Kennedy opined.
She outlined some of the Party’s objectives in their selection of prospective constituency representatives.
“The PPP’s objectives are to see the constituency get a good leader, they know that they can trust, they can look forward to the people getting good service,” cited Kennedy
Kennedy stated her optimism that she will win her constituency.
“My chances of winning [are] above 50… I wouldn’t go to 100 but it’s above 50,” the candidate pointed out.
“I am fearless because I know who I am, it’s not what people say about you, it’s what people can see inside of you… I’m positive, nothing is impossible and when you’re going to these challenges, you never harbour negatives but whatever comes, it will be a learning experience for me,” opined Kennedy.
“Come March 18, we have to vote for competent leaders to run our constituencies,” emphasised the PPP/C candidate.

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