September 27, 2016

Hundreds flock Housing Dept to cash in on discount

Just one day after the announcement was made that the Housing Department will be offering

The large number of persons gathered outside the Housing Department

The large number of persons gathered outside the Housing Department

a 25 per cent discount on the cost of land in observance of the 50th Independence Anniversary, Guyanese wasted no time in taking advantage of the huge savings being offered.
Scores of Guyanese flocked the Housing Department on Brickdam early Wednesday morning to apply for the ‘50 for 50’ discount promotion on house lots.
On Monday, Junior Communities Minister Valerie Sharpe-Patterson announced that individuals who were in receipt of letters confirming their house lot allocation, could take advantage of the opportunity to earn an overall 25 per cent discount on the total cost of the land.
Landowners have until the end of April to make a 50 per cent down payment on the total cost of their land, after which they will be automatically qualified to pay only 50 per cent of the remaining balance.
However, the discounted balance must be paid in full before the end of May.
Additionally, the promotion is not applicable to persons whose plot of land is worth more than $3 million.
It is also not applicable to persons in the remigrant scheme or industrial and commercial zones.
Speaking to Guyana Times, some of the landowners expressed satisfaction over the initiative.
“I like the idea. It is going to help a lot of people, I know for sure. I am just happy right now. I already pay down half for my land and now I don’t have to stress about paying the other half. I just got to pay half of that, it’s like Christmas,” one gleeful citizen stated.
“Some people might think that the 25 per cent is not a lot of money coming off, but let me tell you, for we poor people, it is a great relief,” a mother of three expressed.
Others noted that they gathered outside the Housing Department as early as 05:00h in order to get a head-start.
“When I see the thing in the papers yesterday, I said ‘waah!’. I know that nuff people would come down for this and it’s a good thing I come out so early. Look at this crowd,” a young man from Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) related.

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