September 27, 2016


…thy people
Your Eyewitness was intrigued by an ad in the dailies inviting nominations for several national awards. What with our 50th Independence Jubilee coming up, this isn’t any surprise. What’s a “national celebration” if ribbons aren’t pinned on the chests of some of our more distinguished worthies. But a question bubbled up in the mind of yours truly as he considered whose names he should send up.

Firstly, the top two Honours were off the list – Order of Excellence and Order of Roraima. WHY? This is a real downer. Right off the bat your Eyewitness can think of more than 25 “living” Guyanese who should legitimately get the Order of Excellence. The problem will be to decide which two of the 27 present Ministers will be left out.

Your Eyewitness’s reasons for choosing these worthies were already most succinctly elaborated by the Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency – Lt Col Harmon. In a climate where most folks think it’s money that makes the world go around, these noble men and women took massive salary cuts from their regular jobs to serve the Guyanese people. They are the kind of people who live up to the credo:”Ask not what your country can do for you – but rather ask what you can do for your country.” We ask that the Advisory Council for the Orders of Guyana forthwith declare the “Order of Excellence”, open for nominations.

There also wasn’t the “Order of Roraima” – for which 30 “living” Guyanese can qualify for giving “outstanding” services to the nation. Your Eyewitness would’ve nominated the entire City Council who’ve served this nation splendidly by preserving our Garden City for 22 years. Mayor Hamilton Green, of course, has already been given his “OR” at the last Independence Bash. While some may cavil at all the City Council members being given this honour – we would all know the Mayor couldn’t have done it all by himself, could he? Especially as they were blocked at every step by the dastardly PPP.

The first three awards open for nominations were from the “Order of Service” category – the Cacique Crown of Honour; the Golden Arrow of Achievement and the Medal of Service. And since they weren’t given the “significant” raises promised, your Eyewitness nominates the entire Public Service for these awards. Their designation alone qualifies them: Public SERVICE.

But your Eyewitness was most pleased there were four categories of medals available to honour our Disciplined Forces. All they need to qualify are “services above and beyond the call of duty” and “gallantry”.
Isn’t that describing ALL members of the Forces?

…the PNC General Secretary
Your Eyewitness wonders who’s advising the PNC on the Rodney CoI. The leader of the Party – President David Granger has a copy of the Report. In fact, THE copy of the Report – and yet his General Secretary wasn’t given a copy? That’s what Oscar Clark said when asked to comment on the Report as far as the PNC was concerned. What’s going on?

The Report described a situation where the first PNC leader, Burnham, was a “maximum leader” – in fact, called “the Kabaka” and everyone else in the party were his “creatures”. In fact, if the Report’s to be believed, all institutions of the State were staffed by the PNC leader’s “creatures” – including the Army. This tradition lasted in the PNC way into the regime of Burnham’s successor, Hugh Desmond Hoyte. He explicitly described HIS General Secretary – one Aubrey Norton – as his “creature” who he could fire at will.
And here it is, some people thought the leopard had changed its spots!!

…our laws
There’s a slander on the law, first chronicled by Charles Dickens – “the law is an ass”. But it was a CONDITIONAL description. It’s satisfied when you have a Speaker, KNOWING the House is evenly divided, awards “victory” to one side!

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