September 26, 2016

GAWU deliberately sabotaging industry – GuySuCo complains  

Wales Estate solidarity strike

In response to the series of countrywide strikes being organised by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) concluded that the Union poses a danger to sugar workers, contending that it continues to mislead its membership into activities that only further deplete their earnings.

“The Corporation has noted the continued negative stance taken by GAWU with the Union’s President contending that the Corporation is issuing threats rather than sitting down with them to discuss issues,” the Sugar Company wrote in a statement on Wednesday; one day after yet another strike action.

GuySuCo asserted that these industrial actions only further reduce the production and productivity of the sugar industry and more importantly, denies the sugar workers and their families a normal livelihood since these weekly stoppages only result in reduced pay, as well as loss of the normal weekly incentives.

Moreover, the Sugar Corporation claimed it has “verifiable” evidence that GAWU goes to the extent of threatening field representatives who have been reluctant to comply with directives to call workers out on strike.

“The Corporation at no time issued any threats to the Union but the real threat is that of GAWU,” GuySuCo reiterated.

Moreover, the Corporation made it abundantly clear that it will no longer engage the Union while the one-day per week protest action in maintained.

Furthermore, GuySuCo declared that the crop will be stopped and will not resume until assurance by the Union is given that the weekly protest actions will be discontinued.

According to the sugar company, the one-day per week stoppage is significantly aggravating the financial position of the Corporation.

GAWU had announced that it will continue to express its dissatisfaction through various forms of industrial action until Government rescinds its decision to close down the Wales Sugar Estate.

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