September 29, 2016

Fairfield, Hobroken to square off on March 5

Fairfield Sports Club will play host to USA side Hobroken in a feature 35-over cricket match at the Fairfield Sports Club ground from 11:00h.

While the visiting teams will comprise senior and master players, Fairfield team will have two upcoming talents, Ramnarine Chatura and Shoaib Shaw. Chatura represented Guyana for the last two years at the Under-17 level, while Shaw, a Demerara Under-15 opener, is part of a 20-man Guyana squad selected for the regional Under-15 tournament this year.

Hobroken Cricket Club squad reads: Omesh Nandall (Captain), Ramjit Singh, Prakash Persaud, Selwyn Chung, Darragh Dempsey, Neeraj Kher, Samay Vithlani, Lennox  Fordyce, Bharath Bhasker, Sagar Waghmare, Matt  Ford, Hafeez Saheed and Charles Seville.

Fairfield squad reads: Alex Marshall (Captain), Mustac Shaw, Ramnarine Chatura, Motelall Chatura, Deonarine Chatura, Wazim Mustapha, Astraf Mustapha, Deonarine Mungal, Rajindra Singh, Leon Targoogchandrue, Denard Lovell, Vishal Persaud, Shoaib Shaw, Karpov George, Mitra Persaud and Anav Deonarine.

The umpires will be Gavin D’Aguiar and Daniel Richmond.

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