October 1, 2016

City Hall lacks respect for Guyana’s Parliament

Dear Editor,
All over the world, one of the most visited places by tourists, visitors, students and travellers tends to be the Parliament Buildings of the capital cities of countries across the globe, and Guyana is no different.

The more famous ones include the Hungarian Parliament, in Budapest; the Palace of Westminster, in London; the Capitol, in Washington DC; the Reichstag, in Berlin, Germany; Centre Block, in Ottawa, Canada; Houses of Parliament, Cape Town, South Africa, and many more.

But visitors to our Public Buildings in Georgetown, particularly if they walk along the pavement on the western side have to tip toe around excrement and other unmentionables, pass along a drain that has been stagnant for years, encounter persons urinating right there into the trench and are also faced by an unsightly building that once housed a gas station but now accommodates an assortment of vending stations from pirated CDs and DVDs to alcoholic beverages.

How could the Georgetown Municipality be so disrespectful of the Parliament of Guyana? And this situation can be verified by any and everyone who is willing to venture along that pavement, but just do not go at night or you will surely be mugged on top of it all.

Apart from demolishing that ugly edifice that should have never been there in the first place, cleaning the pavement and drain and arresting those exposing themselves in public while urinating, should the City Constabulary not post sentries and have a changing the Guard ceremony at this most important

Mark Roopan

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