September 26, 2016

Brazilian Minister conferred with Guyana’s Order of Roraima Award

– updated on the ongoing border controversy with Venezuela

The Government of Guyana has conferred the country’s second highest National Award – the Order of Roraima – to Brazil’s External Relations Minister Mauro Luiz lecker Vieira, for his outstanding diplomacy work in the region.

President David Granger bestowing the Order of Roraima Award onto Brazil’s Minister of External Relations Mauro Vieira

President David Granger bestowing the Order of Roraima Award onto Brazil’s Minister of External Relations Mauro Vieira

Minister Vieira was appointed a honourary member of the Order of Roraima by President David Granger on Wednesday, where the conferral of the national award was done at an Investiture Ceremony at the Ministry of the Presidency.

According to the Head of State, the award was reflective of the Brazilian Minister’s long and outstanding service in the field of diplomacy, as well as his commitment to hemispheric peace, security and stability.

“I am honoured to be able to present to the Foreign Minister of Brazil this award, which is first of all a testimony to his more than four decades of service in the Foreign Service of Brazil and it is a testimony to his long successful career, particularly, since he spent much of that time in this hemisphere,” President Granger said on Wednesday during the ceremony.

The Head of State added that the conferral of this award is also a testimony to the partnership between Guyana and Brazil that has been established for several decades. He noted that over the years, Guyana could always depend on its friendship with the neighbouring country for support.

Additionally, President Granger remarked that the award also signifies Brazil’s commitment to peace in the hemisphere. “Your role, as the Minister of External (Relations), in ensuring that the philosophy and policy of the Federative Republic of Brazil permeates all of the organisations and institutions which have been established in this continent for peace and security,” he remarked.

The President reiterated Guyana’s commitment to support the work of Brazil in not only South America but also in the Caribbean, to which Guyana is a gateway.  On a lighter note, President Granger told Minister Vieira that the award is more so significant since Roraima is the point at which Guyana and Brazil, along with Venezuela, touch.

Minister Vieira was on a short visit to Guyana and has met his Guyanese counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge and President Granger upon his arrival. During those meetings, a wide variety of diplomatic areas were discussed.

Minister Greenidge subsequently briefed the media on some of these areas. “A range of issues (was discussed) touching on cooperation, Police, health, defence and economic cooperation, and how we might move these forward,” the he noted.

The Foreign Affairs Minister added too that his Brazilian colleague was also interested in relations with other neighbours, particularly, developments within the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

According to Minister Greenidge, the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy also came up in the discussions and the Brazilian Minister reiterated its support to Guyana. “Brazil is a party to both Guyana and Venezuela in respect to the tri-junction point (where the three countries meet and so) Brazil’s position is quite consistent with ours and with the bulk of the international community with regards to legality and the rule of law,” he remarked.

The Minister said during the meeting, the Brazilian External Relations Minister was updated on the on-going border controversy.

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