September 28, 2016

Rehabilitation works on target

Dear Editor,
Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), the nation’s supplier of water and sanitation services, has received positive results from the rehabilitation of the Diamond Well Station, East Coast Demerara.
According to Water Resources Manager, GWI, Orin Browne, “we have seen substantial progress through several stages of the rehabilitation of the well.  We have successfully located the area in which the well casing was ruptured; we were also successful at isolating that area and sealing it to prevent any more foreign particles from entering the well”.
The Water Resources Manager also stated that after successfully sealing the ruptured area on the well casing, the company commenced removing foreign particles from the well, including clay and sand.
“We have already seen substantial progress in restoring production from the well,” stated Browne, “We have observed that the flow of clear water has improved after commencing the process of removing the sand and clay from the well.  The observation of clear water is a positive indication that the well is capable of being restored to normal production levels.”
The Water Resources Manager emphasised that the priority at this stage of rehabilitation is to remove all foreign particles in order to improve the flow of clear water. “At this stage, our aim is to remove all the clay and sand from the well.  We have observed that the ‘well screens’ are allowing clean water to enter and this is a positive indication that the well can be restored to normal operation.”
Following the process of removing all foreign particles, GWI will perform a test to establish the production capacity of the well.  This will be followed by the disinfection of the well to restore water quality. “We have seen significantly positive results at this stage,” stated Browne, “because of this progress, we are on target for completion within the estimated time of three weeks.  We will commence the testing of the well by Thursday, March 3, 2016.”
The rehabilitation of the Diamond Well Station is being supervised by the GWI and executed by contractor Nabi Construction Inc at a cost in excess of $12 million.
As the rehabilitation of the well station continues, the GWI is currently delivering water via tankers with the assistance of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in Diamond and Kaneville.  A full schedule for water delivery is available at the company’s Facebook page:   The company is also facilitating customers who wish to fill their storage containers at the Grove and Covent Garden water treatment facilities.

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