September 29, 2016

Largest batch of new recruits joins GPF

Some 295 new ranks have joined the staff of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) following six months of training. It is said to be the largest batch ever to graduate at any one time.
The new Constables were selected from nine courses.
At a ceremony to mark the achievement, Assistant Police Commissioner David Ramnarine encouraged the new peace officers to embrace the “very noble and glorious profession”, advising them against listening to the condemnation of naysayers. “Don’t let anyone tell you anything different unless you conduct yourself in such a matter that causes him or her to tell you so.”
He reminded them that they were servants of the public, since they took the oath to serve. “The public is your master and no servant in any part of this world can be greater than the master,” he cautioned.
According to the Assistant Commissioner, “All of us together in uniform, we are in a unique position as we often times are called upon to regulate, control and mediate the action of our master, and you must do this with fairness and a transparent manner.”
Ramnarine said while the salary might be small, there was joy in serving and serving well.
“If you serve well, then that is bigger than the small salary that you will receive because that is invaluable because you will be serving humanity, which is the highest calling in this world.”
Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams said the recruits were able to engage the Force and be successful at the training.
“To be a policeman or woman is a special call by the creator. These 295 recruits, upon their journey of seeking employment, had the courage to engage us and to overcome the rigorous training and strict discipline,” Williams said.

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