September 28, 2016

Colour discrimination

Satiricus was happy yesterday was “Anti-discrimination” Day. As a fella who was discriminated against ever since he was a youngster – just because he wasn’t the brightest bulb even in the nursery class – Satiricus was sensitive to discrimination. Then there was his speech. How was young Satiricus to know other people didn’t pronounce “he” as he did: “ee”. Or “im” for “him”. That was how his parents spoke and that’s how he spoke. Why would the teacher never allow him to recite “Here is my Beehive”? That was a discriminatory ‘urt that still stung Satiricus.

As Satiricus became older, he suffered discrimination on the basis of race. Satiricus was the slowest kid in the village…and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t even keep up with his friend “Hop and Drop”, who had one foot shorter than the other in races. So whenever he and his friends would sneak out to steal mangoes or guavas or whatever fruit was in season, they never allowed him into the yards. They complained he always got caught and he always finked on everybody else. So he was the lookout guy all his childhood – and had to take whatever fruits the other fellas chose to give him after their successful escapades. Invariably the “touched” ones.

But now he was an adult, Satiricus felt discrimination on the basis of colour was the worst of all. Satiricus was a patriot. Why he could recite “My Guyana Eldorado” from his head – and he frequently did so in company – to the chagrin of his kids. He could also sing a mean Sitira Gal – with all the appropriate movements. Such was his patriotism, he literally draped himself in the colours of the flag of Guyana.
And that’s why he was taken aback when the Talker of the House suddenly declared the colours of the Guyana flag were “green and yellow”!! Why! This was nothing but discrimination against the colours red, black and white. And not only that, the Talker was committing that cardinal sin of societies where discrimination on the basis of colour was practiced: passing. In America, lots of Blacks used to pass as whites.
Here the Talker was passing yellow as gold. This was just too much for Satiricus to bear. He would start a petition to the UN against the Talker discriminating on the basis of colour.

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