September 26, 2016

Burnham Foundation will soon pronounce on Rodney CoI

Dear Editor,
Another section of the media on February 29, 2016 carried an Oscar Ramjeet letter captioned “That document should not have been leaked”. In that letter, Mr Ramjeet contended “so far no Government official or anyone from the PPP or WPA has questioned who leaked the CoI Report on the death of Walter Rodney”.
While he might be right about the named entities not posing the question, let it be known that as early as February 20, 2016, the Forbes Burnham Foundation raised the question at its annual conference and also did so at a subsequent public forum, which was covered by the media, and as recent as February 28, 2016 on its monthly programme: State of the Nation, raised the matter.
The Foundation sees it as very conspiratorial that the Report was leaked, and published on February 20, the birth anniversary of the man who the Report demonises and that but a day after, the former President, Mr Ramotar, made one of his infrequent forays into the press in an extensive article claiming that he had been vindicated, as if to suggest that he had established the Commission to verify his stance, on the matter, rather than to determine the truth. He was so triumphant, he could not allow the Report to speak for itself.
The Burnham Foundation, which had expressed reservations about the composition and manner of establishment of the Commission in June 2014, before it began its work, was inclined to await the Report’s official release before commenting, but in the light of others commenting, the Foundation will make its studied position public , shortly.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Alexander
Forbes Burnham

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