September 28, 2016

“Unprofessionalism will not be condoned” – Dr Norton

The Public Health Ministry on Monday officially opened the first leg of its Regional Health Officers (RHOs)/Directors meeting.

Officials from the Public Health Ministry and PAHO/WHO during the meeting

Officials from the Public Health Ministry and PAHO/WHO during the meeting

The Health Ministry has a renewed and energetic approach in terms of advancing the levels at which medical care is offered to Guyanese, and the forum is being held with the intent of engaging health practitioners to improve themselves and thus the health services.

Addressing the gathering, Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton reflected on 2015 describing the year as “one filled with complications”, but indicated ‘distinctive’ interest would be paid to reaching the sustainable development goals which were needed to improve health care in Guyana.

He reported that while the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) were supportive of Guyana in its health endeavours for improvement, there was room for locals to play a part in developing the sector.

He, therefore, underlined the significance of healthcare professionals improving themselves and the way in which they offer health care to citizens which would in turn see the expansion of medical services in Guyana.
Highlighting the importance of the public’s health to the development of the nation, Dr Norton encouraged medical personnel to use the forum as an opportunity to rebuild themselves and their careers.

“The delivery of acceptable, accessible, affordable, timely and appropriate health care services to the Guyanese people is of utmost importance to the Government of Guyana,” he reminded.

Dr Norton reflected on the many instances where there had been reports surfacing about the negligence and unprofessionalism of some medical personnel, which have contributed to the gradual deterioration of the health sector.

He added that in no way would the Government or Health Ministry be tolerating the shortcomings of the medical profession and if they were made aware of anyone who may be lacking in efficiency in their job, they would be dealt with accordingly.

“Unprofessionalism will at no time be condoned by the Ministry of Public Health, and necessary measures will be taken in all instances to deal condignly with persons who behave in such a manner.”

The Minister informed that in improving the quality of regional health services not only would the patients who visit the medical facilities benefit, but there was an opportunity for the health practitioners to also develop their skills and response, to medical situations.

In terms of skill development, Dr Norton informed that he endorsed the pursuit of medical education since medical professionals needed to acquire a high level of knowledge to improve their capability of offering better health services to the Guyanese.

He reassured that the Ministry would continue to be supportive, in any way it could, of persons reaching for higher education in the medical field.

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