October 1, 2016

UG student denies being raped

The female University of Guyana (UG) student who was reportedly gang-raped Friday last has broken her silence, denying all allegations.

During an interview with University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS), the student admitted to being intoxicated but insisted she was not raped.

According to a UGSS statement, the alleged victim recounts no sexual activity during the period of time in question.

Furthermore, the release said the female student is very concerned that she became the target of negative public perception due to the various reported allegations.

A local newspaper reported one day after the alleged incident that a female student was gang-raped by a group of male students.

The article quoted another UG student overhearing a group of male students (suspected perpetrators) describing in graphic details how they committed the act.

Following the reports, both the UG Administration and the UGSS launched investigations.

The Administration on Sunday issued a statement saying the allegations are completely false.

At the time, the UGSS was receiving similar information but wanted more time to conduct its probe to be certain. Meanwhile, the allegations brought to the fore the burning concern of security on campus. The UGSS president had stressed time and again the need of better security on campus.

“Security has always been a major concern on campus and we, the students, are always the ones who suffer and are affected more at the end,” he stated.

UG in its statement noted that it will continue to place safety and security of its members and visitors to the campus as a high priority.

The university said it is currently pursuing several measures to enhance security and will continue to exercise maximum care and due diligence in providing a secure environment for students and staff on campus.

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