September 29, 2016

Street vending of pesticides is illegal

Dear Editor,
Has anyone told the Georgetown City Constabulary that street vending of pesticides is illegal? There are vendors who stand on the bridge at the corners of Avenue of the Republic and Regent Street obliquely opposite City Hall, displaying and selling openly a wide variety of poisons and pesticides.
Indeed just yesterday, I witnessed a senior officer in khaki uniform and a corporal of the City Constabulary standing right next to them and chatting with them. How disturbing!
These rat poison vendors can be seen plying their trade around all of the municipal markets and along the city streets.
This is in spite of the fact that the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board of Guyana has been constantly announcing that given that these poisons are very dangerous to the environment and human health, especially children and the elderly, the sale by vendors is absolutely prohibited.
What is the purpose of the City Constabulary? Over the years, street vendors could be seen openly hawking packets of pesticides, making poisonous substances readily available to members of the public, but are never prosecuted by them? Are these vendors their friends?
This is in spite of the significant number of persons committing suicide by consuming poisonous substances, yet the City Council pays little or no attention on regulating the sale of these dangerous chemicals around the markets or on city streets.
I guess they are expecting the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board of Guyana or the national police to come and police the system for them.

Riley Matthews

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