September 30, 2016

More false equivalence…

…in politics
The Administration sure has its partisans – who’ll leave no stone unturned – and no shred of logic unshredded. Even if they are supposed to be trained academics. Take Kean Gibson, professor of linguistics at UWI. Reacting to the non-release of the Rodney CoI Report, Prezzie’s dismissal of the said Report (“deeply flawed”) versus two WPA members’ approval, she wrote she’s “always been puzzled by the WPA’s reasoning that it would have been all right to have eliminated Burnham but not the reverse. It is all politics”.

Now that’s a strange statement for even a linguistics professor to make, isn’t it? Gibson makes the elementary “illogical” error folks without an acquaintance with academia frequently commit: equating two propositions that have absolutely NOTHNG in common. Folks in academia, who Gibson might know, call it the error of “false equivalence”.

Let’s take Gibson’s proposition that Rodney or the WPA wanted to “eliminate” Burnham. Even without going into the “equivalence” business, this is simply not true. What’re the grounds for Gibson to so claim? Just after Burnham boasted about his “sharper steel” and made his challenge to the WPA to “make wills”, Rodney, on the other hand, told a Georgetown audience, “They have been accusing us of fermenting violence… We have said that we are not for assassination because politically and ideologically, an assassination is of no value to us. We do not want to replace one individual with another individual of the same type, whether it be for better or worse…What we wanted was to make the whole system go, and we repeat that now.”

Now to the false equivalence. Citizens have a “social contract” with the State – and when those in charge of the State break that contract by oppressing citizens, the latter don’t just have a right to rebel – they have a duty to do so. But Rodney and the WPA weren’t even rebelling!! They’d just formed a political party!!
Burnham, on the other hand, in charge of the Government (even through rigging elections) – was obligated to have citizens exercise their political rights to speak out against the Government. If Burnham felt Rodney or any other citizen broke the law…like when the PNC’s headquarters was torched – then Rodney and other suspects could be arrested. And they were! But they had to be freed, since there was no evidence.

It’s absolutely forbidden for a government to orchestrate the assassination of a citizen – and worst of all, using the State institutions that are supposed to protect citizens. And this the CoI concluded.

So, it’s NOT “all politics”. It’s a citizen standing up for his rights versus a dictator ordering an assassination.

…and then none
Your Eyewitness is still mulling over the refusal of the Government to pay heed to some audits and Commissions of Inquiry but ignore others. We just got word the head honcho at GUYOIL’s now been flushed out of the system. Based on an audit, we’re told. The Government didn’t see fit to release the findings of the audit – just that they acted on it.

But then there was that CoI on GuySuCo, which cost millions and millions and took months and months…The Government even had to offer a few extensions – but when they finally got the Report – they went ahead and did exactly what the CoI said NOT to do. Wales!

And even worse from your Eyewitness’s standpoint is the refusal to accept the Tax Reform Committee’s (TRC) recommendations – even as they knocked off the head of NICIL just on LEAKS from a preliminary report. And then sic’d SOCU on him.

At least the TRC’s recommendations had some relief for the small man. Like your humble Eyewitness. And no “knock offs”.

…on Berbice
The President just announced Berbice is a “sleeping giant”. No, Prezzie…it’s been bled to support Georgetown for so long, it’s actually a “wounded dwarf”.

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