October 1, 2016

Aerial patrols being use to tackle piracy – President

The reduction of incidents of piracy along the Corentyne River has a direct linkage to constant aerial patrols.
This is according to President David Granger, who was at the time addressing Berbicians at a dinner organised by the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam in observance of World Understanding and Peace Day on February 23.

“Every single week, I meet with the Commissioner of Police and we plan strategies. There are aerial patrols from Charity to Corriverton every single month looking for pirates at sea to keep fisherfolk safe,” the President told the gathering.

According to the Head of State, one of the main focuses of the administration is to make the country a safe place and of recent the numerous reports of criminal activities are worrying. “Businessmen being attacked by bandits, sometimes the attack taking place over an hour and the police can’t show up. These are things that bother me.”

He explained that during some of his overseas trips he has been contacted by Guyanese living abroad who want to return and invest but is only willing to do so when Guyana becomes a safer.

“I want to make Corentyne safe, I want to make the fisherfolk safe from piracy, I want to make the businessmen safe from bandits, our women safe from abuse.”

Noting that the only way forward is through better community policing to tackle these issues, the Head of State said: “We need a form of community policing which combines the interest of the community with regular policing. The order has already been given… to the senior officers to make it happen. The same way we are meeting here and discussing, it’s the same way the divisional commanders will go out into the communities to meet with residents to discuss making the community safer,” President Granger told those gathered.

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