September 27, 2016

Port Kaituma man jumps off ferry, drowns

By Devina Samaroo

It was high drama aboard the MV Lady Northcote on Saturday afternoon after a passenger jumped off the vessel in the vicinity of Morawhanna, Region One (Barima-Waini).

The ferry from which the young man plunged to his death

The ferry from which the young man plunged to his death

He has been identified as 26-year-old Michael Adams, an Amerindian patient attached to the Port Kaituma Hospital.
Guyana Times was informed that the young man plunged off the ferry as it was making its way from Georgetown to Port Kaituma in the Mabaruma Sub District, Region One.
His body was later retrieved from the ocean by a sailor.
Adams was allegedly diagnosed with a mental illness and was staying at the Amerindian Hostel in Princes Street, Georgetown as reportedly recommended by doctors at Port Kaituma Health Institution.
At the time of the incident, he was returning home from the boarding house.
During an interview with Guyana Times, the deceased’s uncle, Tom Adams, stated that he was unsure what exactly transpired.
He said he visited the police station on Sunday when he was informed that an investigation has been launched.
However, the uncle said he was not provided with any further detail on the matter.
According to him, he was last aware that his nephew was staying at the Amerindian Hostel as was advised by doctors at the Port Kaituma Hospital. Asked if his nephew was mentally ill, he responded with uncertainty, and could not say what the young man was being treated for at the institution.
The uncle said he presumed that a medical team probably made a decision to send him back to Port Kaituma. When prompted, he explained that to his knowledge, medical teams normally do not accompany patients on board, but they would wait at the transit points to receive them.

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