September 25, 2016

Music carts should be regulated

Dear Editor,
I am requesting the Georgetown City Council to take urgent steps to curb the noise menace that is now being posed by the music push carts commonly seen around downtown Georgetown and the city as a whole.
On a daily basis citizens are bombarded both at work and at home by the loud playing of what passes now for music from these music carts. The operators clearly have no regard for the peace and tranquillity of any neighbourhood or its residents as at all hours of the day and night, lewd music can be heard blaring from these carts.
Everyone’s peace is constantly disrupted in their homes; babies are rudely awakened from their peaceful naps, children’s study are interrupted; and people suffer discomfort and sleep deprivation when these carts pass by. Very often these carts would remain in a fixed location for lengthy periods.
Most worrying of all is the fact that the lyrics of many these ostensible songs are so depraved, odious, and filled with so much smutty sexual insinuations that they are just downright demeaning to women. One should not be surprised that the society is filled with so much violence against women.
These music carts should be a major concern to the Georgetown Council, a significant problem that should be urgently taken in hand by the City Constabulary. These music cart operators are selling pirated music and movies which is illegal and should not be promoted by City Hall, in addition to congesting the roadways.
If these music carts must operate then they should be made to vend in one place and use headphones as a means of keeping their noise level down.

James Mc Onnell

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