October 1, 2016

Leguan candidate promises maintenance of trenches, better roads

By Shemuel Fanfair

The island of Leguan, situated at the mouth of the Essequibo River is a Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) in Region Three (Essequibo-Islands/West Demerara. Bibi Khan who has been teaching for 17 years is contesting Constituency 3 (Success- La Bagatelle [Belfield/La Bagatelle]) under the banner of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

Bibi Fajina Khan

Bibi Fajina Khan

Though Khan is for the first time contesting an election, she is an incumbent member of the Leguan NDC’s Interim Management Committee (IMC). She posited that she is fully prepared to serve as an “elected member.”
The candidate said her main objective as the constituency representative would be to ensure there is maintenance of trenches. She noted that there will be cleaning, excavating and de-silting which are deemed necessary since Leguan is “basically” a farming community.
Khan also stated that she will ensure that her goals are aligned with that of her party.
“As a candidate for the PPP, and all the other candidates on the PPP list [I will] continue to advocate for potable water, roads, healthcare facilities; we also plan to contribute to schools. At the IMC level we are already doing that,” Khan explained.
The candidate said she will continue to listen to the needs of residents and noted that she has already been seeking to address their concerns.
“Right now in terms of water, there is one well not working at Amsterdam; we had a meeting there the other day and that is one of the major concerns.”
“We have farmers who weren’t able to plant this crop because of weather conditions, and they are not happy about the price of rice either; some farmers have not been paid for their previous crops,” stressed the school teacher.
She noted that the Rice Producer’s Association has taken up the matter and emphasised that she hopes to advocate for the farmers to receive their payments.
“The first step is engaging the media to make it clear that some of the rice farmers haven’t been paid for last year, and then of course we can do it through the Government as well because being a councillor and a constituency candidate, we obviously have to work with the Government as well, even though we are PPP representatives… we want to do this because we want to take Leguan to greater heights and we have to partner with the other stakeholders,” Khan pointed out.
It was explained that many previously constructed roads were damaged due to sea defence works which are needed to prevent flooding. Khan noted that if she is elected as the constituent representative, great emphasis will be placed to advocate for the rehabilitation of roads on the island.
Khan explained: “We can write letters, not only the RDC [Regional Democratic Council] but the Ministry of Public Infrastructure because the RDC and Ministry are two different entities, so I intend to appeal to different agencies to try to get the road fixed.”
She also outlined the reasons why members of Constituency 3 should give her their support:
“I feel that they should support me because number one, I’m young, number two, I’m a woman and we should [support] women’s empowerment and number three, I’d like to feel that I’m in tune with the needs of my community and I think I can adequately address their needs as well.:
Khan stated that she is optimistic she will win in her constituency.

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