September 26, 2016

Guardians’ board is a band aid solution to child abandonment in Guyana

Dear Editor,
Please print my observations with regards to one of the most despicable and sinful acts of parents – be it men or women – who have for over hundreds of years deliberately abandoned their responsibilities in providing basic child care for their offsprings. Many governments worldwide have tried many different versions to assist these children, the results are poor and in many cases these children are abused, raped and forced into prostitution.
This social disease in Guyana has to be researched, documented by a Truth Commission on Children Abandonment. The mandate has to be legislated with the major religions’ firm commitment and participation. The composition of this commission must be from practicing honest and truthful religious scholars, whose actions speak louder than their words.
The main cause of this despicable action is the blatant opposition and refusal of the blessed institution of marriage which was granted by our Creator as a protection and mercy to mankind. Ignorance of our religions and failure of these religious institutions and their leaders to plan and execute proper programmes to educate their flocks in the spiritual, family, community benefits from the institution of marriage.
The government had its role to provide funds where children become orphans and in cases of no families available to take care of them. Minister Lawrence’s regional guardians board with due respect is a band aid solution.
The constitutional laws enforcement threats to deadbeat fathers failed in many countries, in Canada for example they garnish your wages from your employers. The legal framework must be in place, the education in all schools, all religious bodies’ sermons and programmes, parents, all singles and all employers.
Another vice that breeds this illicit sex and illegitimate children are the many daily, weekly, monthly limes and parties. Men and women plan to go there and have a great time including picking up women and men and ending up in bed having sex. Next comes pregnancies, next abortion then taking unborn lives and finally destruction to the children’s future.
So to take this despicable sin with every available resource head-on, require guts not threats and band aid solutions.

Sheik Ally

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