September 27, 2016

Government needs to diversify the workforce

Dear Editor,
Tempestuous ethnic/race relations largely between Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese have rattled Guyana far too long, causing great physical and mental suffering over the course of more than five decades of destruction. Yet politicians glaringly foment ethnic/racial divisions to secure votes and accumulate power.
Openly, the PNC/APNU/AFC coalition Government plays cacophonous notes regarding social cohesion — touting a mantra of racial unity while discriminating along racial lines. On the 2015 campaign trail, the AFC declared that racism is destructive. Today, however, the AFC has become part of the bigoted PNC/APNU. Thus the PNC/APNU/AFC Government thrives on shenanigans that deepen racial divisions and embolden racism.
Racial discrimination by the troubled coalition Government is reminiscent of the dark days of the Burnham administration. History is repeating itself.
Evidence of such quickly bubbles to the surface when it fires predominantly Indo-Guyanese and Amerindians from the work force.  For a sitting President to harbour a work force comprising of more than 80% of his own racial/ethnic group calls into question his veracity as regards racial unity and his suitability as regards to ruling a country such as ours. These are testaments to the fact that the coalition Government is divisive and its stance on racial unity is bogus.
Do we ever wonder why Indo-Guyanese huddle under the PPP/C? Well mistreatment by Government is the main driver. Gains made by civil rights leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King fail to resonate with the PNC/APNU/AFC led Government. This is shameful!
Moreover, Government cares diddlysquat about the massive suicide crisis and protracted alcoholism within the Indo- Guyanese community, given that it turns a blind eye to diversifying the Ministry of Social Protection which is entrusted with these very same problems. Diversifying this Ministry is critically important if Government is serious about tackling such problems.
The coalition Government deals yet another blow to Indo-Guyanese when it announces that the Wales Sugar Estate will close operations. Surely, this will deepen turmoil within the Indo-Guyanese community. As citizens of a “democracy” we reserve the right to voice our concerns through debates. Where are the debates?  Government needs to remember its actions are insensitive, destructive and unacceptable in a “democracy”.
Our country will never develop under a Government which in itself emboldens racism.
Editor, our Government needs to recoil from its stance.
Government needs to diversify the workforce so as to allow our country to end five decades of failure. This is long overdue. A diverse work force is a key component in the equation necessary for development.
Just within recent weeks, Pope Francis speaking at a mass in San Cristobal De las Casa, Mexico, praised diversity, still the coalition Government is oblivious.
Editor, every Guyanese must stand against racial/ethnic discrimination so as to curtail injustice and allow Guyana to develop.

Diaspora Member
(New York)

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