September 28, 2016

Fisher Primary PTA to host social ills/suicide workshop

The Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) of Fisher Primary School, Golden Fleece in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) will be hosting a special workshop in an effort to tackle social ills. The workshop is opened to the general public and is slated for March 3 in the school’s auditorium commencing from 15:00h.
According to Headmistress Artie Gangoo, the workshop will be facilitated by trained personnel, including a psychologist, counsellor and religious leaders. The focus will be primarily to enlighten parents on good parenting and to identify early signs of suicidal thoughts.
Gangoo said that it would be the first initiative of its kind for the school and Region Two had the highest number of suicides, noting that the grass-roots level has to be educated.
Similar workshops will be hosted in the future. The headmistress said that parents needed to spend quality time with their children and to find out the reasons behind a change in behaviour.
“What we find is that parents are being distracted with movies or these Indian soaps; it happens all the time, in that time they don’t pay attention, the child may be neglected and fall trapped in a negative act. This is why we need to let parents know that family time is important and everyone need to sit and discuss things affecting them; it must be open,” Gangoo said.
The headteacher is, therefore, urging all persons living within the environs of the school and all those who are desirous of attending to join the workshop. Pandits and Pastors along with community leaders are expected to attend.

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