September 27, 2016

All is not lost at the M&CC

Dear Editor,
In spite of the growing concerns and criticism regarding the performance and management of the Georgetown City Council, and quite rightly so, I write to let you know of an experience of mine that is a rainbow in the dark clouds at City Hall.
Last Thursday, February 25, 2016, I had cause to telephone the Solid Waste Department on Princes Street after unsuccessfully calling several other departments seeking guidance and   assistance regarding two matters of concern to me including the dire need to remove the carcass of a dead animal that lay on my parapet for a number of days and the acquisition of a skip bin that I needed to rent for the purpose of removing a quantity of discarded household articles.
To my considerable surprise, I was met with a very pleasant voice, I had to ask twice if I was calling the Mayor and City Council. The female answered “Good morning, Solid Waste Department, How may I help you?”  And yes you are calling the Mayor and City Council for help;.  After I indicated my earlier frustration I was advised how my two concerns could have been dealt with.  I enquired to whom I was talking, to and she responded by saying that she was the Secretary to the Solid Waste Director.
Clearly this young lady possessed the knowledge and competencies required to handle office administration. She understood her role within the organization. She spoke with confidence using clear, concise sentences that I was able to understand quite easily, interacting professionally with me throughout the conversation.
After terminating the call, I told my wife that all is not lost at the Mayor and City Council.  That such competent, friendly and professional staff, seriously, deserves special mention. I do believe that public servants should to the best at their workplace, to serve the public, since they have been lacking in that area.

With regards,
Seon Levius

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