September 27, 2016

Work commence on Georgetown Ferry Stelling

By: Kizzy Coleman

Residents who use the Georgetown/Vreed-en-Hoop Ferry Stelling will soon benefit from a renovated facility as the Ministry of Public Infrastructure thru Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) has commenced works to restore the stellings.
This restoration will see the section servicing the water taxis being renovated with the replacement of the rails, platform and stairs all in a deplorable state.Exif_JPEG_420
This restoration work that commenced Saturday, is expected to be completed by Monday so that commuters utilising the water taxis will not be further inconvenienced.
These repairs are being made in light of numerous complaints from commuters of the unsafe condition of the facility.
Previous works were done to the stelling when a section of the structure had collapsed.
Guyana Times was able to speak to some commuters who expressed satisfaction for this action by the Public Infrastructure Ministry.
Ganesh Seecharan a vendor who uses the stelling on a daily basis to transport goods from home to market, related that on one occasion because of the deplorable condition of the stairway, he lost his entire bundle into the river.
“I was trying to get my bundle of goods into the boat one afternoon as I was going home and I was trying to move my way past one of the step board that was shaking but I slipped, losing everything in the water. So I can honestly commend the ministry for the work that I am seeing today, I am happy about this” Seecharan explained.
Another commuter opined that the entire structure needs to be rehabilitated but added that for the moment the work that has commenced will be significant for all water taxi users.
“I think that this entire structure should be rebuilt but that is just my opinion. I am happy to see this current work taking place, this will really be convenient for everybody that utilise these boats” the woman identified as Melissa stated.
Yet another commuter explained that he is very grateful that works have commenced, explaining that he did not use the stelling habitually because of the state it is in.
“I was very afraid to use this stelling and use to go round with the harbour bridge which made me late for work on a lot of occasion but now I am grateful for the work being carried out here today, I think I’ll be using the stelling on a more regular basis” he explained.
Efforts to contact the Chief Engineer responsible for the project for information on the amount allotted for the renovation proved futile.

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