September 26, 2016

Teenager killed in Region 1 boat collision

A female was tragically killed Saturday after two boats collided head-on in the Moruca River, Region One (Barima-Waini). The incident occurred sometime around 14:00h in the vicinity of Acquero Landing.

The wreaked boat in which the Romanscindo siblings were travelling

The wreaked boat in which the Romanscindo siblings were travelling

The dead teenager has been identified as Alisha Romanscindo, 15, of Koko Village, located about half mile from where the accident occurred.
Guyana Times understands that Romanscindo was in a small boat along with her sister and two brothers heading to Kabakali when a larger boat approaching from that direction hit them head-on.
According to reports, the water taxi, which usually plies the Port Kaituma-Charity route, was speeding around a corner when it collided into the smaller boat. The water in the river was low at the time.
Further reports revealed that upon impact, Romanscindo’s siblings were flung out of the vessel. However, the teenager was apparently hit and fell into the boat. When the young girl was pulled from the vessel she was alive but by the time the community health worker arrived and examined her, there was not pulse.
Romanscindo was subsequently taken to the Komaka District Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Her siblings, on the other hand, sustained no injuries.
Guyana Times spoke with Tricia Rodrigues a resident of Acquero Landing, who was in the area at the time of the accident. She did not actually see accident but it was after the impact that she along with others rushed out and assisted the Romanscindo children out of the water.
“We help bring the other sister and the two brothers out of the water and somebody say the other girl in the boat so they went and fetch her… when she come she was choking on her blood and then after some time, she stop breathing and moving,” the woman recalled.
Rodrigues further related that the occupants of the larger boat attempted to flee from the scene but were stopped by residents who had gathered. There were six occupants in that boat including the driver.
She went on to say that “it look like the boat hit her directly because the big boat run on top of the small boat bow, damaging it. The driver was speeding and like when he realise that the other boat in front of he, it was too late so he couldn’t do anything.”
The woman explained that boats coming from Port Kaituma are always speeding around the turn, giving little or no consideration to small boats travelling along the River. She noted that in the past two weeks, two boats also capsized on separate occasions because of speeding boats manoeuvring the turn.
Guyana Times was told that the driver is Osmond Rodrigues of Pomeroon. He has since been taken into police custody and is assisting with investigations.

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