September 27, 2016

St Joseph High School joins suicide prevention campaign

With their banners against suicide flying high, the students of St Joseph High School along with other secondary schools marched as a unit to reinforce their call of ‘stamping out suicide.’

Students of Tutorial High School and St Joseph High School display the banner made by Tutorial High as the students staged a walk against suicide on Saturday

Students of Tutorial High School and St Joseph High School display the banner made by Tutorial High as the students staged a walk against suicide on Saturday

As part of their International Awareness Project, the members of the Interact club decided that since Guyana has been plagued with suicide over the past months, there was a need to play a significant role in curbing the levels of suicide while sending a strong message to would-be victims that they are “not alone.”
Making their way on Vlissengen Road then onto Carifesta Avenue, the students joined other schools and clubs across Georgetown to strengthen their appeal to persons who might be considering suicide.
President of the St Joseph Interact Club and a Sixth Form student of the school, Sasha Mohan, told Guyana Times that the club initiated the suicide prevention walk after they saw the high levels of suicides in Guyana, especially among teenagers.
With this march, she said, they are hoping that they reach out to persons who may be contemplating taking their lives and prove to them that there is light at the end of every tunnel.
She informed that if not all, they are hoping to get as many persons as possible to understand that there are other people encountering difficulties like theirs or even worst but they overcame it eventually, due to their strength and determination.
“We want these persons to know that there are people out there who are with you, who are there to help you in any possible way. We want you to save your life,” Mohan encouraged.
She added that it is important for persons to be alive, especially youngsters who can garner their talents and capabilities, which will contribute to the further progression of Guyana as a nation, which in return will influence the future generations to follow the footsteps of persons who had fought the battle of resisting the urge to end their life through suicide.
To execute the project, the school joined hands with North Georgetown Secondary School, Tutorial High School and Richard Ishmael’s Secondary School – all coming under the supervision of the Rotary Club of Stabroek; the co-coordinators of the event.
Following the walk, the students assembled at the St Joseph High School auditorium where they engaged in conversation and presentation from members of the Rotary clubs, the headmaster of the school and other special invitees.
Earlier this month, four students of Queens College launched their suicide project, ‘Operation Safe and Sound’ under the slogan ‘I am a survivor’ in an effort to spread awareness of suicide to the public, educate individuals on signs, symptoms and treatment and conduct programmes that will play an integral role in curtailing the level of suicides in society.
Most prominently, the project had been initiated in an effort to encourage other schools to develop similar campaigns and to extend positive energy to youths across Guyana.

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