September 29, 2016

Leguan residents want phone service returned

Residents in Leguan have called on the GTT to restore landline telephone service on the island.
It was stated that some years ago, the telephone company installed its “dish phone” landline service which many residents said was greatly appreciated. Leguan
Company workmen had reportedly disclosed that GTT was at the time not benefiting financially from telephone service on the island. In the past, Leguan had scheduled times for electricity which meant that the telephones would stop working after a few hours when power was cut.
Residents stated that the island has since been receiving 24-hour electricity for over two years. They rejected the phone company’s alleged explanation that to offer phone service on the island would not be viable for the company. Since the company stopped installing these types of telephones, residents are of the view that landline telephones should be returned to the island.
Regional Chairman of Region Three (Essequibo-Islands-West Demerara), Julius Faerber on Saturday informed Guyana Times that the Regional Democratic Council has already made representation on behalf of the residents to GTT. He noted that Leguan, along with the neighbouring island of Wakenaam, were supposedly slated to have an operational phone service sometime in 2016.
The Chairman however cautioned that the company explained that before it can issue the service, there needs to be an assessment of the amount of telephones it has within its remit.
Though mobile telephone service is available on the island, residents said that it is their desire to have the landline telephone service installed.

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