October 1, 2016

Johanna Cecelia residents not pleased with road project

Residents living in the community of Johanna Cecelia, on the Essequibo Coast, in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) are dissatisfied with the quality of work being undertaken as part of a road project under the authority of the Annandale/Riverstown Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Ongoing works at King Street, Johanna Cecelia

Ongoing works at King Street, Johanna Cecelia

They have explained that proper consultations were not done by NDC officials and opined that the road needed maintenance, not an entire replacement.
Guyana Times understand that the NDC, instead of maintaining the road which was partially damaged, started a new project to replace the road with an entirely new one, which residents described as unnecessary.
One resident, Johnny Lalaman, said that he is concerned that the NDC destroyed a good road at King Street and excavated the area for a new road. The resident related that half of the road was deteriorating and as such, it could have been repaired.
Residents said they raised concerns with Region Two Chairman Devanand Ramdatt and Regional Vice Chairman Nandranie Coonjah over the contentious project.
They alleged that NDC Overseer Danieram Singh allowed the contractor to remove sand and loam from the project site to one of his friend’s yard. This they are contending could have been used to complete the road.
Residents are very frustrated that staff of the NDC was seen constructing the culvert and suspect that there are malpractices ongoing with the NDC Overseer.
When contact was made with the Regional Chairman, Ramdatt said he met with residents of Johanna Cecilia recently to address the concerns in relation to King Street.
They indicated to Ramdatt that the NDC Overseer and Regional Engineer Latchman Parswattie have not been monitoring the project which already has several defects.
He said that he was very concerned, as such; he indicated that he had mandated the Regional Vice Chairperson who also is the Head of the RDC Works Committee to conduct an inspection. The Regional Chairman mentioned that a report was already submitted to the Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson.
In relation to the non-performance of the Overseer, Ramdatt said he has been receiving numerous reports of irregularities involving the Overseer and since has requested an investigation.
He further said that the Regional Engineer’s performance requires review since only recently, due to his poor monitoring, most of the materials from the dismantled Aurora Primary School went missing.
In addition, he indicated that several projects are being monitored regarding malpractices by the Regional Engineer with responsibility for public works.
The works committee of the RDC has been mandated to do a timely follow up and make recommendations on the controversial King Street project.

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