September 30, 2016

Burnham, PNC and power

There is a sudden wave of silence on the part of those who pledged political and ethnic allegiance to the divisive politics of the People’s National Congress and its leaders following the leakage of the damning findings of the recently concluded Commission of Inquiry into the death of renowned Historian Dr Walter Rodney.
This silence is all but shocking as the truth about those who organised, executed, and were part of the plot to assassinate the political activist was bound to come to the light after decades of political wizardry and gymnastics on the part of the PNC which exiled the truth to a dark hole.
Alas, the impartial Rodney CoI report laid the blame for the death of Dr Rodney where it rightly belonged, at the feet of the infamous Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, his military allies and the PNC.
The Rodney report has, more importantly, exposed just how far those who yearn to hold on to political and economic power in Guyana are willing to go.
It shed, some much needed light, on how Executive Presidents and Prime Ministers can use their influence and constitutional power to coerce, manipulate and frustrate state agencies to commit cardinal sins and injustices against the citizens which fund and empower them to protect their rights.
The reported findings also offer Guyanese some insight into the psyche and political embryo of some of the leaders in the PNC (past and present) who are secretly peddling the notion of Black supremacy, racial divisiveness and party paramountcy at various forums and levels of our society.
The truth is, the report and its findings could not have been made public at a more convenient time because the PNC has managed since May to creep its way back to political power as part of a grand coalition of parties interested in national and ethnic unity as well as giving Guyanese the good life while protecting their rights.
More interestingly, the Working People’s Alliance which was founded by Dr Rodney is also part of that coalition of parties but has chosen to remain silent on the explosive findings of the CoI.
Recall that the WPA, now under Dr Rupert Roopnaraine’s leadership, spent its entire adult political life fighting for justice for Rodney and countless other Guyanese who met the same fate under the PNC albeit in different ways.
Also, the WPA has said nothing about the Rodney report findings to date but this is understandable because the party lost its political independence and respect when Roopnaraine led it into the arms of the PNC believing that it was now going to start a process of healing, reconciliation and progress for Guyana.
He should be embarrassed because his PNC Boss who is now President David Granger is wasting no time in attempting to discredit the report findings and fault the Commissioners who participated in the process to deliver the truth to Guyanese about Dr Rodney’s death.
Make no mistakes about it, publishing the report is only one step. The PNC leadership must accept its role in Dr Rodney’s death or expose just how the PPP manipulated the Commission and all who testified.
If it fails to do either, there will be no real justice for Rodney.
Therefore the WPA and AFC cannot allow the PNC to skirt them into silence and compliance. They must stand on the side of the people of this country and Rodney lovers all across the world.
These two parties must force President Granger to embark on the implementation of all of the recommendations in the report.
They must also force the President to acknowledge that during the era of terror that the Guyana Defence Force and Guyana Police Force were used as weapons against political opponents.
He must make a commitment that this will never be a feature of the new coalition as Guyanese are already seeing similar signs in both the actions of the security forces and the Burnham-like posture and inklings of the new President.

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