May 25, 2016

TCL launches new road construction technology

Trinidad Cement Limited Guyana Inc (TGI), last weekend demonstrated the use of one of the latest technologies in road construction when the company partnered with the Public Works Ministry to effect road repairs using the soil cement stabilisation technique.

The pilot project was conducted at the junction of Princes and High streets, Georgetown, where the road was severely deteriorated, TGI said in a statement. This rehabilitation work followed a July 2013 meeting with Public Works Minister Robeson Benn and staff of the ministry, at which time he gave his approval for pilot projects to demonstrate the soil cement stabilisation technology, inclusive of the repair work done over the weekend.


In the soil cement stabilisation technique, asphalt and other unusable material are removed. A sub-base is then laid by stabilising the existing material that remained, mixing it with cement and water, rotovating the mixture and compacting it. The base layer is then placed above the sub-base where crusher run is also stabilised with cement. The surface is then sealed using a bitumen sealant.

The works were carried out by B and J Civil Works.

TCL Group Civil Engineer Avaleen Mooloo was on hand to oversee and lend technical advice for the process and commented, “I am confident that the newly-stabilised road will be stronger than the normal flexible roads.  Although some ravelling of the surface is expected due to the constant trafficking of heavy-duty vehicles, coupled with the fact that the asphalt surface had not been installed, we anticipate that the road will stand up longer with time.  This strip will be monitored for its longevity by ministry and TGI personnel, as is the norm with demo strips.”

TGI, as part of its strategic plan to improve sales, has been pushing for the use of cement in the construction of roads and, with its parent company TCL, has held a number of awareness sessions for government officials, students from the University of Guyana and technical institutes, contractors, engineers, and even individual private sector companies.

During those sessions, the technologies for using cement in road construction were explained. It was also emphasised that cement-based roads are more durable and have a substantially lower lifecycle cost. The company said it remains committed to being a reliable supplier of quality cement to the Guyana market, and viewed the dissemination of information on best practices in the use of cement and concrete as a major part of its responsibility.

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