May 30, 2016

Rice industry pioneer Kayman Sankar dies

Popular Essequibo businessman and rice farmer Kayman Sankar died on Tuesday evening after years of prolonged illness.

His death was confirmed by his daughter Sattie Ramlall. Sankar was 87 years old at the time, and according to Ramlall, he passed away around

Kayman Sankar

Kayman Sankar

18:30h at his Hampton Court, Essequibo Coast home.

 According to the grieving woman, her father had been bed-ridden due to old age; however, she did not divulge any further information on his condition.

Ramlall said while her family is deeply saddened by her father’s death, it is something they knew would have happened.

“We are coming to grip with his passing, we knew this would happen eventually but it’s a little hard knowing now that he is actually gone,” she told Guyana Times a few hours after his death.

The woman said the family is holding on to their religious faith to guide them through, adding that the support of well-wishers has been overwhelming.

Ramlall said that there could never be enough words to describe her father. She alluded to the fact that within hours of his death, condolences began pouring in from persons all across Guyana.

“My father was a great soul, just ask anyone in Essequibo and they will tell you how their existence is only because of Kayman Sankar. He did a lot for his people,” she said.

Sankar was born in June 1924 at Cornelia Ida, West Coast of Demerara, and was the eldest of five siblings. He married his wife Seraji when he was 17 and she was a mere 13 years old.

Their lasting union bore three children, two daughters and a son. The man leaves to mourn his 84-year-old wife, children, eight grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and many well-wishers.

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