May 29, 2016

Mohamed to lead Upper East Coast Tigers in DCB O-40

Former national wicketkeeper/batsman Sheik Mohamed was appointed captain of the Upper East Coast Tigers squad for the Demerara

Rohan Sarjoo

Rohan Sarjoo

Sheik Mohamed

Sheik Mohamed

Orin Bailey

Orin Bailey

Rabindranauth Seeram

Rabindranauth Seeram

Cricket Board (DCB)/Raj Singh Insurance Brokers/Trophy Stall Over-40 T20 competition set to bowl off on Wednesday with four games.

The left-handed batsman is in charge of a strong Upper East Coast Tigers unit that includes several players ideally suited for the shortest format of the game.

Mohamed will have the hard-hitting Eon Abel as his deputy, with the likes of Desmond Butts, Khemraj Chanderpaul, John Hardatt, Deonarine Chatura, Mark Malone and Jacob Persaud, among others lending support.

Like the Upper East Coast Tigers, the other seven teams are equally strong, making the battle for top honours a keenly contested one. The other seven teams are West Coast Demerara Seals, West Bank Demerara Mavericks, Lower East Coast Bulls, Upper East Bank Colts, Lower East Bank Lions, Georgetown Buffaloes and Georgetown Bears.

Among the notable names set to appear in the competition are Rabindranauth Seeram, Lloyd Harper, Nazarali Asgaralli, Anand Sanasie, Rockey Ramgopaul, Chandrika Jeenarine, Latchman Yadram, Seemangal Yadram, Daniel Singh, Rohan Sarjoo, Sanjeet Datadin, Johnny Azeez, Sherlock Atwell, Alfred Mentore, Garvin Nedd, Surenda Heralall, Orin Bailey, David Harper and Nazimul Drepaul.

In Wednesday’s first round, East Bank Lions will take on Lower East Coast Bulls at Lusignan, Georgetown Bears will face West Coast Demerara Seals at the DCC ground, Upper East Coast Tigers will tackle Georgetown Buffaloes at Enmore, and West Bank Demerara Mavericks will collide with East Bank Colts at the GCC ground, Bourda.

All matches will bowl off at 13:00h.

Special rules

According to the organisers, the tournament is intended to be a 20-over competition with some special rules geared towards stimulating intense competition among teams.

“This DCB Over-40 competition is being reintroduced after a hiatus of several years and is specifically geared towards bringing a closer relationship between sponsors, former players, administrators and lovers of the game,” a release from the DCB stated.

During the preliminary round, teams will be given four points for a win, two points for a tie and one each for a no-result. Additionally, during the preliminary rounds, bonus points will be awarded for various achievements. Two bonus points will be awarded to a team which defeats its opponent by more than 75 runs or with just five or less wickets down.

A bonus point will be awarded to a team which defeats the other by more than 50 and less than 75 runs or less than seven wickets down.

Also, two bonus points will be awarded to a team that scores more than 175 runs in an innings, one bonus point for a team that scores more than 150 runs in an innings, two bonus points if a team wins in less than 10 overs and one bonus point if a team wins in less than 12 overs.

Another exciting innovation for this tournament would be for bowlers only being limited to three overs, thereby ensuring that at least seven bowlers are used in an innings.

Further, it is anticipated at the end of the tournament, a strong Demerara team would be selected to oppose their counterparts from the other counties at a later date.

Competing squads

West Coast Demerara Seals: Krishnchand Mangal (Captain), Rabindranauth Seeram, Nazarali Asgaralli, Nigel Viera, Dhanpaul, Muninram Persaud, Lloyd Harper, Mukesh Persaud, Mohamed Willie, Abdul Zaman Willie, Marlon Blacks, Asthon Headley, Manniram, Mook Persaud, Ashraf Ali, and Sean McKay.

West Bank Demerara Mavericks: Terry Daniels (Captain), Abdul S. Samad, Anand Sanasie, Steve Harripaul, Shaun Persaud, Emran Sullivan, Haimandan Panday, Eon Williams, Harmanand Singh, Danraj Bipath, Randolph Shivrattan, Inwajeet Etwaroo, Arnold Shamshudeen, Abid Hanniff, Shaheed Khan, Deoram Persaud, and Shameer Imran. The Manager is Omar Hussain.

Upper East Coast Tigers: Shiek Mohamed (Captain), Eon Abel, Eshwar Persaud, Khemraj Chanderpaul, Naim Chan, Jacob Persaud, Mark Malone, Anil Persaud, Sunil Dyal, Desmond Butts, Bashir Khan, John Hardatt, Balram Bactowar, Deonarine Chatura, Walter Bourne, Anthony Carto, Jagdesh Persaud, Bridgelall Heeralall, Iqbal Dawud, Gangaram Ramraj, Nandram Budhram, Nandalall Khan, and Kenneth De Freitas. Manager is Mahmood Ali.

Lower East Coast Bulls: Samaroo Jailall (Player/Manager), Clifton Anderson, Jeffrey Ramgopaul, Rockey Ramgopaul (Captain), Chandrakar Jeenarine, Charlie Outar, Nazir Baksh, Chathram Gagadin, David Singh, Azad Mohamed, Raymond Karim, Rohan Lance Persaud, Baldeo Persaud, Vicky Bipta, Kassim Khan, Steve Hookum, Zamaladeen Khan, Ronald Jagmohan,  Seeraj Bhimsain, V. Gobin, Seemangal Yadram, Latchman Yadram, Chatapaul Singh.

Upper East Bank Colts: Raymond Jaisingh, Daniel Singh, Calvin Singh, Sudesh Latchman, Lancelot Easton, George Niles, Mark Grenville, Roy Mahadeo, Rohan Sarjoo (Captain), Vijay Ramgobin, Otis George, Owen Grannum, Steve Waldron, Kenneth Debidial, Sanjeev Datadin(Player/Manager) Latchman Singh.

Lower East Bank Lions: Johnny Azeez (Captain), Basil Persaud, Ronald Jaisingh, Clement Archer, Sewnarine Kalicharan, Rudy Jairam ( Player/Manager), Nigel Bissu, Ramautar Bissoon, Roy Persaud, Dennis Mangru, Rafiq Alli, Sahadeo Hardaiow, Latchman Persaud, Rakesh Gangaram, and Deonarine Debidial.

Georgetown Buffaloes: Sherlock Atwell (player/manager), Lynden Lyght, Gladwin Brandis, Edward Burnette, Andre Legall, Fitzroy Colley, Balat Mangru, Linden Wilson, Anthony Rigby, Curt Caesar, Reginald Rodrigues, Linden Gilbert, Troy Halley, Alfred Mentore (Captain), and Garvin Nedd.

Georgetown Bears: Vijay Gangaram, Surendra Heralall, Carlos Reid (captain), Manoj Lall, Y. A Persaud, Mohamed Najar, Orin Bailey, Caramchand Rambarran, Rajesh Singh, Rudolph Chapman, Riaz Hussain,  Feroze Khan, Denis Mangru, Omar Persaud, David Harper, and Nazimul Drepaul (Player/Manager).

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