May 30, 2016

Miss Guyana Universe creating “pageant fever”

Miss Guyana Universe 2013 Katherina Roshana preparing for a contest in the run-up to the Miss Universe Pageant

Miss Guyana Universe 2013 Katherina Roshana preparing for a contest in the run-up to the Miss Universe Pageant

Katherina Roshana, Miss Guyana Universe 2013, sponsored by NEW GPC INC/Limacol, is creating history in Guyana with what is being referred to as “pageant fever”.

The excitement is tumultuous; people are on social media 24 hours daily, some hardly sleep, as Roshanamania takes effect. Guyanese and many the world over support Guyana and pray that Guyana, their beloved candidate and friend can win the top prize.

It is said never, for decades has there been so much excitement and even joy in the hearts of Guyanese, and never has so many of all groups in this great country been excited in recent history.

For decades, interest in international pageant weaned for various reasons.  Many of the Guyanese population were not interested any longer.  But Katherina Roshana, the now famous international ambassador of peace, internationally-trained model, now local movie star, teacher, oriental medicine student and humanist/social worker, has changed the face of international pageants for Guyanese. Maybe forever!

There are thousands of supporters locally and internationally following Katherina on social media, the Internet, the print and electronic media, and telephone.  Several persons are actually going to Russia to be part of the pageant.


In Moscow, Russia, Katherina has taken the pageant with shock and awe, with many asking where she comes from.  She arrived one day before the actual start, and now she is the midst of things with her catwalk, gait and persona.  Some say they were almost dumbstruck with her speech and her smile, and wondered if she was an Indian movie star.  Many are amazed that a little known country, which many never heard of, could produce a woman, a lady of such beauty, ladylike characteristic and perfection in skin texture, hair and smile. Excited, wondering, many not even ever heard of her and her country, would admire and encourage her.  One European woman, actually mimicked placing a blessing on the centre of her forehead, ‘a tika’, a custom for people of Indian ancestry, amazingly by a person of European descent.

Katherina took gift souvenirs of Guyana for the new friends for life; she knew she would meet, and they are amazed at what coconut shell could make, as the Miss Guyana Universe explained its intricacy, its environment friendliness, and how coconuts could help Guyana just using its shells that would be usually discarded.  They are absorbed in the earth if discarded.

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