September 4, 2015

Wanted bulletin issued for biker’s alleged murderer

Randy Jagdeo

Randy Jagdeo

Hours after acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell released the identity of the alleged gunman who shot and killed super biker Kirk Davis in Eccles; the police on Monday issued a wanted bulletin for the 28-year-old businessman.

Randy Jagdeo of Lot 159 Third Street, Alexander Village, who allegedly committed the act on September 3, has since been on the run and is believed to have left the country. According to new information reaching Guyana Times, moments after the biker’s execution, the businessman was seen at a popular drinking spot on Sherriff Street acting in a normal manner.

A close friend of both of the men reportedly approached Jagdeo, informing him of Davis’ demise, thinking that the businessman was not aware. After receiving word that Jagdeo was the alleged killer, police searched his Alexander Village home with the hope of arresting him, but they were unsuccessful. At the time of the search, Jagdeo’s sister and father were at home.

Fatal night

Kirk Davis

Kirk Davis

His wife, who was also shot on the fatal night, remains a patient at a city hospital and is recuperating speedily, but is reportedly fearful for her life. In light of the incident, the immediate family of Jagdeo reportedly visited the woman at the hospital and demanded that she does not make contact with them or even visit the house, claiming that all her rights were gone with the slain biker.

Davis and Jagdeo were good friends and the incident has drawn a lot speculation as to the motive behind the killing. Despite several attempts to apprehend the businessman; his family remains tightlipped, claiming that they have not heard from nor seen him since the shooting.

However, his friends thought that since the sudden passing of the businessman’s mother and brother last year, he has been distressed. Both died as a result of heart and kidney complications.  They were 48 and 27 years old respectively.

Davis was reportedly there for him during the difficult time and they became close friends. Davis was one of the bikers who led a procession for Jagdeo’s mother on the day of her funeral.  Prior to his death, he imported motorcycles from abroad for a living and were seen at various events in the company of Jagdeo. They were described as “inseparable” by some

On Tuesday evening last, the businessman appeared in front of Davis’ 7th Street, Eccles, East Bank Demerara home in a silver Toyota Premio. Davis reportedly walked towards the car and went straight into the back passenger’s seat, where an argument started.  During the argument, the businessman reportedly took out a .9mm pistol with extended clips and reportedly shot his wife twice, forcing her to give information about the money and the relationship.

He then turned the gun on Davis and allegedly shot him. The murder suspect then left the driver’s seat and walked towards the backdoor of the car, pulled out the biker from the car and continued to shoot him. The biker’s cousin, who was on the verandah at the time of the shooting, reportedly scaled the fence after the businessman went after him. Davis is expected to be laid to rest on Saturday.

Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Jagdeo is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2227, 226-7065, 227-1149, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.

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