September 1, 2015

Berbice clubs, children’s home receive money from BCB and BCCDA

The recipients of the largesse shown by BCB and BCCDA

The recipients of the largesse shown by BCB and BCCDA

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) presented two first division cricket clubs with a total of $200,000 and a $100,000 to the Albion Sports Club on Thursday.

The organisations also presented $20,000 each to the Anker Ville and Bohemia Primary Schools. The money will be used to construct sheds at the two schools.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the BCCDA Imran Sacoor, speaking at the presentation at New Amsterdam on Thursday, said both schools had projects to complete and had approached the organisations.

A check of $20,000 being handed over to the Alpha Children’s Home

A check of $20,000 being handed over to the Alpha Children’s Home

“The $100,000 to the Albion Cricket Club and the one hundred thousand dollars to the Bermine Cricket Club will go towards the development of those clubs,” Sacoor said.

He said the money was part of the proceeds from the Independence Cup which was held in May.

“Every year we select two clubs and make a contribution to them. Last year two other clubs were selected. Hopefully we will be able to make a similar presentation next year,” the PRO said.

The clubs that benefited last year were Young Warriors and Rose Hall Youth and Sport Clubs.

Sacoor explained that the Albion estate allowed the organisations to use the Albion Sports Ground without charge for the hosting of the Independence Cup last year and again this year. “Because of this kind gesture we gave the Albion Sports Club fifty thousand dollars but they did not collect the money last year so this year we are presenting them with a cheque for one hundred thousand dollars.”

Treasure of the BCCDA Anil Beharry noted that this year the Independence Cup saw a profit of $1,382,321. According to Sacoor this was possible because of the number on sponsors that came on board and the co-operation of teams. The BCBC and the BCCDA each received checks for $506,160.50.

Meanwhile, three orphanages were also presented with cheques for $20,000 each. Also, $20,000 was given to a parent to assist to assist with kidney replacement surgery for her son in Pakistan.

“I will suggest that next year we set up a special fund and put aside some money for emergency projects like what happened the other night,” Beharry said.

Giving the financial report, Beharry said the sponsors contributed $1,575,000. He said there were also some organisations that contributed in kind.

Secretary of BCB Angela Haniff congratulated the clubs that supported the event. She noted that last year all the first division clubs in Berbice were presented with first-aid kits coming out of the proceeds of the Independence Cup.

“We are very happy to know that our cricketing fraternity is benefiting from this activity,” she said, urging more clubs to get involved in the promotion of the Independence Cup when it comes around next year.

In brief remarks, President of BCCDA Mark Roopnarine took time out to recognise the sponsors who came forth and supported the tournament, “it has been more this year than last year and we will lobby very hard to have the tournament played on Independence Day.”

He said the effort of the sponsors goes back to the community to assist with further development. (Andrew Carmichael)

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