September 3, 2015

City hotel murder suspect on the run

Vinod Balgobin of Independence Boule-vard, Albouystown has been identified as the main suspect in the murder of the mother of his children, 31-year-old Maryann Sunita Nauth, who was found stabbed to death in the K&VC Hotel, South Road, Georgetown on Sunday morning.
Police have visited the Albouystown premises of Balgobin’s mother on several occasions in the hopes of finding him, but came up empty handed. The mother of the murder suspect reportedly told investigators that her son left home for work on Saturday and has not returned since. Police have since arrested her. She did not divulge any more information about his whereabouts, but police believe that he might have made contact with her after he committed the murder.

Murdered woman: Maryann Sunita Nauth

Murdered woman: Maryann Sunita Nauth

Nauth, also called Baby, of 110 Vryheid Lust North, East Coast Demerara was found lying on her back in the hotel with the murder weapon stuck in her chest.  The woman’s body, which bore about 28 stab wounds, was discovered by hotel staff sometime after 02:00h on Sunday after they saw the door was ajar. Nauth sustained stab wounds to her chest, breast, and abdomen.
Nauth had checked in with a male companion on Saturday evening, but on Sunday around 02:00h, the man was seen leaving the establishment.  The deceased woman’s mother, Indranie Bharat, on Monday disclosed that Nauth endured much abuse at the hands of Balgobin, since they began their relationship some 13 years ago.
She explained that her daughter had separated from Balgobin in the latter part of 2012, but he had been attempting a reconciliation since.
The mother divulged that she was heading home on Saturday when she saw Nauth leaving in a taxi, and upon arriving home, she was told that Balgobin had called and instructed her daughter to meet him at Demico, so that he can give her money to look after their children.
“I can only speculate that he asked her to go with him to the hotel… She had to go with him, because he is a person like that… He is a demanding person… he is a violent person and she does always be scared so she had to go with him,” the woman cried.
As the evening progressed, Bharat said she got worried and searched the rest of the house to ensure her daughter had returned home, but up to midnight she had not. On Sunday morning, she woke up early and while sitting on a bench under the family’s home, her eldest daughter, Indira Mangru informed her that Nauth did not return home.
She noted that the suspect’s mother called about five minutes after to enquire about her daughter’s whereabouts. Shortly after, Balgobin’s mother called again to enquire about Nauth but was told that she had left home on Saturday evening and had not returned.  During the conversation, the suspect’s mother informed Bharat that her son had also left home on Saturday morning and had not returned home, so the couple might be together.
“She tell me, ‘Gal, wah u nah go hospital and check if you go find she, if something happen to she and you nah know’… I ask she if she know something and wouldn’t say, but I feel that she de done know what she son do,” Bharat stated.
It was not until 13:30h on Sunday that she received a message from her neighbours, who had heard it on the news, that something terrible had happened to her daughter. Upon hearing this, Nauth’s eldest sister, Indira Mangru, and her son, Avinash, decided to go in search of the woman. They were accompanied by a family friend who made contact with the police.
On their way, the man received a phone call that informed him that it was Mangru’s sister who was found murdered in the hotel. They then went to the police station at Alberttown and upon giving a description and a photograph of Nauth to the police, they were accompanied to the Lyken Funeral Home where they positively identified the woman’s body.
Avinash explained that his aunt’s body had several stab wounds and it appeared that she used her arms to try to protect herself, since “her hand had plenty chops”.

Meanwhile, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in a statement said it was alarmed by the recent tragedies that befell two of the nation’s women on Mother’s Day – a day when the country should have been celebrating its women. “It was reported that on Mother’s Day, 12th May 2013, a mother of three was discovered stabbed to death in a city hotel. Later that same day, a mother of seven burnt her home to the ground.”
APNU said it is important to note that such occurrences that work against women are ongoing, and at the crisis stage. What is even more heartrending is the fact that the two incidents came mere hours after there was a call for all Guyanese mothers to take back their families. “How can these women take back and save their families, if they are being murdered, ignored and not supported? These incidents clearly indicate the urgent need for sensitive and integrated societal support,” APNU said, urging the Human Services Ministry to ensure that there is adequate institutional support for women facing crisis situations.
The partnership said the ministry cannot remain silent and apparently indifferent to the crises increasingly facing many women in Guyana.  “APNU expresses condolences to the relatives, especially the children, mother and siblings of Ms Maryann Nauth and hopes that the perpetrator of the heinous crime will be brought to justice sooner rather than later. APNU also calls on the relatives and friends of the mother of seven, Nicola Gomes, who burnt her house to the ground allegedly because of depression, to ensure that she is assisted to get needed medical, psychiatric and other assistance and support.”
APNU also urged members of the media to be more sensitive in their reporting and publishing of such matters. “We are disappointed that the gruesome photo of the body of the deceased, Ms Maryann Nauth, with a knife stuck between her exposed breasts was circulated. This kind of journalism is not only irresponsible, but it’s also an insult to the family of the dead woman. We urge all editors to exercise greater responsibility for the pictorial information reaching the public, whether it is newspaper, television or the social sites.”

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