September 1, 2015

Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club to host massive fundraiser

– proceeds to be used to purchase  training equipment

Taajnauth Jadunauth

Taajnauth Jadunauth

By Avenash Ramzan

The Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) will host a massive fundraiser on May 26 to aid its acquisition of critical pieces of equipment for its development.

The club, which was recently resuscitated by a group of residents of the area, is embarking on a massive developmental drive, and the first step to ensure that this process is successful is the Independence Day fundraiser.

According to executive member of the club, Taajnauth Jadunauth, the fundraiser will be the largest in the history of the club, which had become dormant for an extended period of time.

“And the proceeds will go towards the procurement of nets more particularly so that we can accommodate more persons practising in the afternoons. Right now we only practice on one wicket so there is a limited number of players who can bat or bowl at a specific time. If we have the nets then we split the wicket in two lengthwise and we’d be able to accommodate about 40 persons during active practice,” Jadunauth explained.

He added, “We’re also looking at purchasing, if not a cradle, certainly a slip catching machine where two or three people can throw the ball at the net and it bounces back at them. We’re looking to putting all those things in place.” Currently, the club has a membership of about 115.

Jadunauth said the support of residents of Enmore and outlying areas is crucial to the sustanance of the club, and as such, he is urging persons to come out and have a day of clean fun, while aiding the process of development.

“More specifically we’re hoping the people in Enmore can support us because it is their children who we’ve taken off the streets, it is their kids who we are trying to develop into better individuals, both at the level of sports and at the level of community involvement,” he pointed out.

According to the former cricketer, several activities are planned for the day, with action set to start at 09:00 hours.

“We have about eight softball teams: Regal XI, Floodlights, Trophy Stall and also about two or three female teams taking part. Apart from the softball cricket, we will have one or two races by the Enmore Athletics Club, a karate demonstration…we’ve put together a day’s event that can make it worth the while,” Jadunauth disclosed. Several novelty events are also on the day’s schedule.

Admission to the day’s activities is free and Jadunauth assured that secured parking will be available as the ECCCC is collaborating with officers of “C” Division to ensure the day is incident free.

The ECCCC has a rich history, having produced several national and inter-county players, among them Sheik Mohamed, Ramphal Bactowar, Anil Jairam, Safraz Ali, Adrian Persaud, Javed Mohamed, Amir Khan and Kevin Basil.

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