August 21, 2014

Calls for job creation for youths must be grounded in careful observation

Dear Editor,

I have issues going through my mind and all relate to the fact that the general secretary of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has reiterated his call for job creation for the nation’s youths. Now, even before I proceed, I have some questions for anyone who is badgering about job creation.

I want a detailed statistical report on those who are not gainfully employed. It is only in this way that these people can be helped. I want to know their background along every single parameter – geographical location, race, age, qualifications, family/marital status, number of siblings, number of children, among others. The government, via the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), has been intervening to help as many as possible. Hundreds of graduates have already been turned out from the BIT’s National Training Programme for Youth Empowerment projects.

Then there are many areas where non-schooled people can work in. The construction sector is always advertising for labourers, semi-skilled and skilled applicants. When I pass through some sections of Guyana, I am being asked by many for a ‘raise’. These people should be working.

The fact remains that there is work for them and they must gravitate to any kind of employment, even if only for mere survival. From this earning base, they can then rebuild their lives. My point is that it makes no sense to rationalise on the lazy culture of many. Instead, this kind of culture must be wiped out.

The next thing is that I have seen over and over again people living very spendthrift lives, and they have no jobs. I am left to wonder where they get the money. They complain about low pay and hard times and the simple truth is that if the pay is small and the times are hard, then a corresponding attitude of positive work ethics must be evident, if needs are going to be met.

I think that the government is trying, but many youths are being fed the line that their folly is the fault of the government. I call for a moral redressing for our youths, and they must not quit school and get involved sexually until they can own up to their responsibilities.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard Holder

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