July 28, 2015

Barbados to launch full probe into Belle’s murder

The Royal Barbados Police Force on Saturday confirmed that 64-year-old Brenda Duncan Belle who was brutally murdered on Tuesday evening by her estrange husband was also stabbed during an altercation with the said man three nights prior to her death.

Brenda Duncan Belle

Brenda Duncan Belle

The Barbadian authorities stated that Belle had moved out of her home and was seeking refuge at a friend’s house after she survived a violent attack by the same perpetrator last Saturday night in the Fairchild Street bus terminal, where she was stabbed several times.

Guyana Times understands that the incident was reported to police, but nothing was done to protect the woman. Her second attack three nights later proved fatal. In light of the circumstantial evidence, the Royal Barbados Police Force expressed its intention to launch a full internal investigation into the circumstances that led to Belle’s death.

Speaking to the Barbados Saturday Sun, acting assistant commissioner with responsibility for crime, Mark Thompson confirmed that the investigation into Belle’s death would be carried out to make sure there were “no deficiencies” in the way investigators carried out their duties.

The Barbados crime chief reportedly disclosed that although an internal investigation into police methods was nothing new. Belle’s death had attracted public attention and Thompson said it will be thoroughly investigated.

However, the main suspect, Alan Belle is reportedly recovering quite nicely at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Once he is discharged from the medical facility, he is expected to be charged with murder and possibly arson since it is believed that he may have set the woman’s house on fire before killing her.

Belle of St Barnabas, St Michael and formerly of Lot 50 Russell Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, was slashed to death while taking refuge in the home of a friend, Herman Bentick, at Cutting Road, Haggatt Hall, in the same parish, on Tuesday night.

It was reported that  Alan Belle, the woman’s husband for more than 12 years stormed into the house, inflicting lethal wounds about her entire body, allegedly with a cutlass.

Brenda was involved in trading for more than 20 years. It was while she was travelling to and from Guyana, she met Belle.

After marriage, they started to encounter martal issues and had constant quarrels, so they decided to separate, thus her visiting Guyana in the hope that when she returned, everything would be worked out since she thought that both she and Alan needed some space. The woman leaves to mourn her three daughters and grandchildren.

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