August 28, 2015

Parfaite Harmonie NGSA students to complete exams when school reopens

Grade Six students of Parfaite Harmonie Primary School will be given an opportunity to complete the National Grade Six Examination (NGSA) when school reopens.

Superintendent of Exams Saudia Khadir said the students are yet to complete mathematics paper two and social studies paper one and two. Plans are progressing to ensure that the students are able to complete the test papers in due time.  A date will be announced later.

Pandemonium broke out at the school last Tuesday morning when a fire of unknown origin erupted during the National Grade Six Assessment examination. Guyana Times understands that some 81 students were sitting the exam when one of the students saw smoke and alerted the invigilators, who immediately sent them out the building. The student had only completed mathematics paper two and were about to start paper one when the commotion started.

Chief Education Officer Olato Sam had visited the school and told media operatives that the fire had traumatised the students; hence, the examination would be postponed. “We will make some alternative arrangements as to when we will complete the second part of the mathematics examination and the social studies because we don’t want to stress the children out after what happened,” Sam said.

One of the invigilators of the examination, Lois Dash, related to this newspaper that about 10:45h, the students were about to write mathematics paper two, when one of the students saw smoke emanating from the door to the section housing the nursery department, and as such, they evacuated the school and alerted the fire service.

The headteacher of the primary school disclosed that she received a call and was told that smoke was coming from the nursery section, and by the time she got there, the fire had spread out. The school is an “L” shaped building and the fire began at the intersection which also housed the headteachers’ offices, the washrooms, a library and storage and stock rooms.  While the fire was contained mostly to that section, minor damage was done to neighbouring rooms. However, the intersection of the building was severely damaged from the roof, down to the floor.

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